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We have a wonderful collection of partners providing support, sponsorship, rider assistance and event facilities. Please check out their own websites and contact them directly with any questions you may have.
manx grand prix

supporters club

The Manx Grand Prix Supporters’ Club was not formed by accident, although it was an accident that led to the formation of the Club back in 1975.

At that time the rescue helicopter was only available during the two days of racing, and when a competitor was injured during practice the wait for the road-going ambulance was a dangerously long one.

So the Club was formed with the main intention of ensuring that the rescue helicopter would be on standby throughout practice and race week. And it is.

Since that decision was made forty years ago, the Supporters’ Club has donated more than £750,000 to the Manx Motor Cycle Club, ensuring not only that the helicopter is in the skies during the MGP, helping with the purchase of other vital medical equipment and also helping any injured competitors with early financial assistance as they recuperate.

All the money raised by the Supporters’ Club comes through donations from the public, both during the MGP and throughout the rest of the year. The Club organises a host of activities, from sponsored walks to pass-the-bucket collections, from tea and cake sales to company dress-down days.

Find out more and keep up to date with the MGP Supporters Club facebook page

You’ll see our official collectors out and about all through the MGP, and all donations are always very gratefully accepted.

If you would like to join the Manx Grand Prix Supporters’ Club, membership forms are available from:

Janine Brew (Membership Secretary)
25 Queens Valley, Ramsey, Isle of Man IM8 1NG

Membership costs are £10 for annual membership, £40 for life membership and just £5 for juniors.

More information about the Club, and details about how to make donations, is available from:

Allan Brew (Club Chairman)
25 Queens Valley, Ramsey, Isle of Man IM8 1NG

riders association

Part of what makes ‘the Manx’ such a unique event is the spirit of friendship and camaraderie amongst all those who’ve raced around its famous 37 miles.
Everyone who’s taken part in any MGP event has set out to race hard, to deliver their very best performance, but also to experience a special racing event that has created so many long-standing friendships.

The MGP Riders’ Association was set up - over 40 years ago - to foster that spirit, and to make sure that sense of fellowship carries on, even when the racing is over for another year.

During race fortnight the MGPRA facilities behind the grandstand are open to all members, with food, drink and good conversation in plentiful supply.
And members benefit from a twice-yearly newsletter, keeping them in touch with other members across the world.

The Association also awards the John Goodall Spirit of the Manx trophy during the MGP, an award specifically intended to highlight those who display, in the opinion of MGPRA members, the true spirit of what makes MGP racing so special.
Life membership of the MGPRA is just £10.

A membership form is available here: Membership Form

For membership enquiries click here to email the Membership Secretary, and to submit newsletter contributions click here.



Mylchreests Group began life with the sole intention of bringing the joy of motoring to the masses.

Today, 56 years on that tradition hasn't changed. Engineering excellence and drive quality have always been our priority.

"I never cease to get excited when I sit in a new car"
                                                                      Brian Mylchreest

Family Heritage

Established in 1961 the Mylchreests Group have stayed true to their belief in the excitement of driving and with it built a reputation selling prestige cars produced by top manufacturers.

Formed from what was formally Athol Garage, originally started in the 1920s, Mylchreests Group specialised in selling cars produced by the British Motor Corporation. Brands such as Austin, Morris, Riley, MG & Wolsey were brought on board. Over time the offering broadened to include the likes of Jaguar, Triumph and Rover and for a period included handling a regional portfolio for Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Family Promise

Now in its fourth generation the company still retains its belief in progressive engineering holding Jaguar, Land Rover, MG and Mitsubishi in its current portfolio. As we continually develop our portfolio alongside the advances the motor industry makes, our technical and after sales offerings have developed playing a much more prominent role in the business.

Having such a longstanding relationship with the Island, Mylcheests Group have always endeavoured to encourage motorsport and community involvement on island playing their part in the legendary Isle of Man TT, helping sponsor the Manx Grand Prix and running various classic car events.


What does it take to be a race marshal at the Manx Grand Prix?'

The TT Marshals Association website will show you all the information you need to become part of the greatest road races in the world.

Alternatively contact the TTMA office by emailing or phoning 01624 618 191.